Lefties Rejoice! A new Left-Handed Mouse is now on the Market
Lefties Rejoice! A new Left-Handed Mouse is now on the Market

I was really happy today to learn that 3D Connexion have decided to make a left-handed computer mouse. Most of the time being left handed isn’t an inconvenience at all except when it comes to computer mice. If you’re right-handed it might surprise you to learn that most companies don’t make left-handed versions of their mice. There are tons of sculpted, ergonomically designed mice on the market… unless you’re left-handed. For the lefties the best you can do is opt for a mouse that has a completely symmetrical shape, but even with these there will often be an extra button on the side of the mouse that’s not usable if you’re left-handed. Until now!

Enter CadMouse Pro Wireless, left-handed version! I can’t wait to try it.

Mice for Lefties:

3D Connexion CadMouse Pro Wireless

We’ll see how good this one is but unlike the others on this list, the shape of this mouse is actually sculpted for lefties instead of being symmetrical so I’m hoping it’ll be a lot more comfortable.

Logitech G903

Wireless, symmetrical shape, one of the only truly ambidextrous mice—you can actually physically move the side buttons to either side of the mouse. This is the mouse I’m currently using.

Microsoft Wireless 900

Plain-jane symmetrical mouse, no side buttons. Has a spot for you to keep the USB dongle inside the battery compartment. I love when mice have this feature. This is the mouse I used to use. The Logitech G903 has a much higher resolution so it’s much faster and more responsive.

Other Mice

A few years ago after my Microsoft Wireless 3050 mouse stopped working I went through a stage where I bought and returned a ton of mice from Bureau en Gros and Amazon in search of the best left handed or symmetrical mouse on the market. The Microsoft Wireless 900 mouse was the winner at the time.



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